Embracing a “What-If” mentality

By Francis Yuen, 𝘚𝘦𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘺-𝘎𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭, 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘚𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘢𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘺

For any organization to be successful, it must consider contingency in areas affecting its performance. Whether it is mounting a major marketing initiative or developing a new product or mapping out a succession plan, the “what-if” questions must be addressed.

Contingency or scenario planning helps to mitigate situations that can catch us off-guard if “what-if” situations are thought through. For a political party, this practice of “what-if” thinking is just as relevant and important. The latest development following DPM Heng’s announcement of his stepping aside as leader of the 4G (fourth generation) raises the question of whether there was any contingency planning in such an important matter that affects not only the ruling party but also the confidence of Singaporeans and the international community in our country.

The need for more time to sort things out can only suggest that the ruling party lacks a workable contingency plan that can be implemented quickly. This is an important lesson for us and a strong reminder that a good plan must have back-up options.

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) is entering a consolidation phase in its development.
Embracing a “what-if” mentality as part of our DNA is crucial to building a strong party.

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