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Dr Ang Yong Guan and #Covid19

WATCH NOW: DR ANG YONG GUAN SPEAKS ABOUT THE RESTRICTIONS ON SOCIAL MOVEMENTS(Disclaimer: This video was shot and produced before 7 April 2020)CIRCUIT BREAKER: Day 3Party Secretary-General, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, invites fellow Party member, Dr Ang Yong Guan to speak to Singaporeans on how the latest restrictions on social movements may be a source of stress mentally. Dr Ang also shares a few tips on helping to manage the potential stressors during this period.The transcript to this video (in English & Chinese) will be uploaded to the PSP website shortly.#forcountryforpeople #progresssingaporeparty #fightcovidSG #covid19 #SGunited #defendSG

Posted by Progress Singapore Party on Thursday, 9 April 2020


See Transcript Below in English and Mandarin:

Dr Tan
My fellow Singaporeans
I have with me Dr Ang Yong Guan who is a member of the Progress Singapore Party.
Dr Ang is a very well know psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience.

With the COVID-19 situation and especially the latest restriction of social movement
many Singaporeans will feel very stressed mentally. I have invited Dr Ang to give some advice on how to cope with the situation.

Dr Ang, please.

Dr Ang
Fellow Singaporeans and residents,
This COVID-19 crisis brings a lot of uncertainty to our lives
One main reason is that there are people out there carrying the virus but are not showing symptoms.
We go about in our daily lives filled with fear, insecurities and anxiety.
Just a week or two ago we were able to move about quite freely.
From 7th April, many of our activities have been restricted.
We are encouraged to stay at home and to go out only when absolutely necessary.
This form of restricted living is good for our overall well-being and to prevent the virus from spreading.
However, this may take some getting used to as we may feel that we have lost our way of life.
Together, we will be experiencing a collective sense of loss during this crisis.
For instance, loss of our ability to move about freely.
A loss of unrestricted social interaction and connection with others, a loss of safety and a loss of normalcy.
The word crisis in chinese is 危机; which means that within the danger 危险 lies an opportunity 机会

But, within danger also lies the opportunity to take stock of our lives, to improve our body’s immune system and for Science to find a vaccine to deal with this fatal enemy.

How each of us reacts psychologically to the crisis actually depends on our mental resilience, our outlook on life, and the kind of support we get from our friends and family members.
Humans go through various stages in reacting to loss.
From disbelief, shock to negative emotions such as anger, disappointment, guilt, anxiety and depression.
To life being messy and chaotic before we finally accept the situation and learn to live with it.
For some of us, we may go on to find meaning in coping with this crisis.

How do we cope with such negative emotions?
One way of handling this crisis is to find meaning in this collective sense of loss.
How do we find meaning?
One approach is to practice Mindfulness.
Focus on our breathing remain calm and stable.
Feel great that we are still healthy and alive.
Focus on opening our minds and observe the many ways of viewing the crisis.
Take the time to rest, time to reflect, time to connect, time to catch up on things which we have delayed in doing.
Focus on the present, cherish the here and now and not lament about the past or worry about the future.
Focus on the current activity you are doing and enjoy it
Focus on the surrounding be it the flowers, food, books, TV or pets.
You may end up during this period finding new hobbies.

Focus on connecting with those at home.
Focus on optimal protection such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask
When you go out and not over-reacting such as panic buying or hoarding.
Be mindful that others need to buy groceries as well
Also be mindful that everything has two sides: negative and positive.
Focus on the positive and not the negative it doesn’t help.
Focus on support from friends, family and remember your faith in religion as well.

And remember to give support to others who need help.
Keep finding meaning in this collective loss.
At the end of this whole journey, we may end up more enlightened with a new approach to life.
Stay Mindful. Thank you very much.

Dr Tan
Thank you, Dr Ang.
I am sure many Singaporeans listening to you will benefit from your advice.
Fellow Singaporeans let us all keep our cool and we can overcome this health crisis together.

For Country,

Dr Ang
For People!




Dr Tan Cheng Bock:        亲爱的同胞们,  我身边这位洪永元医生是新加坡前进党的党员。







Dr Ang Yong Guan:         同胞们,居民们,傍晚好。




























是的,珍惜现在, 别为过去哀叹也别为将来烦恼。


专注于周围环境(包括花朵, 食物, 书籍, 电视节目和宠物等)





记得凡事都有两面: 正面和负面。











Dr Tan Cheng Bock:        谢谢你, 洪医生。





Dr Tan Cheng Bock:        为国

Dr Ang Yong Guan          为民。

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