We envision a united Singapore, based on the principles of inclusivity and non-discrimination. All citizens, regardless of race, religion, language, gender, place of origin or social economic status, are treated equally and with respect, and given equal opportunities in all areas of work.

We envision a compassionate Singapore, committed to reducing income inequality, and readily rendering a helping hand to fellow country men or women who encounter calamities, disabilities or illnesses requiring costly or prolonged treatment.

We envision a progressive Singapore which values diverse opinions and ideas, built on the foundations of accountability, transparency and independence of the three branches of government – the Parliament, the Civil Service and the Courts.

Progress with compassion,

a united Singapore.

What the PSP logo represents

Our Party symbol is in the form of a palm tree signifying growth, purpose, strength and life.

The tree has 5 fronds and the trunk is in the shape of a person. The person-shaped trunk represents the Party’s belief that people are its core interest and source of strength.

The 5 fronds represent the 5 ideals which the Party subscribes to: Democracy, Equality, Justice, Peace & Progress. They also represent our multi-racial and inclusive society consisting of the 4 racial groups and new citizens.

Our Party colours are red and white.

Red symbolises life, passion, energy and strength.
White symbolises purity, integrity and goodness.

The Progress Singapore Party looks forward to serving the people of Singapore and will work hard to fulfil the ideals to which we subscribe.

We need your help

Join us in this quest to build an inclusive, compassionate and progressive Singapore.
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