Suspension of Physical Activities by PSP

The PSP keeps a close watch on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, and in light of the spike in unlinked and/or locally transmitted cases, the party would like to make the following statements:-

  1. In view of the community cases in TTSH and NUS dormitories, we would be suspending all on-the-ground operations, including door-to-door visits;
  2. We urge all Singaporeans and residents to observe social distancing and to stay indoors as much as possible;
  3. We regret that some of the events planned for the next couple of weeks will need to be rescheduled as appropriate when the situation improves.
  4. We, Singaporeans and all residents, are in this fight together against this invisible enemy and we are most determined to come out more resilient, more unified, and more compassionate — as a society, as a country, as a people, and as a nation.

For Country, For People!

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