Leong Mun Wai

Speech for GST Amendment Bill

Mr Speaker,

The reasons for the Opposition’s objection to the GST have been documented extensively in social media and in the minds of Singaporeans. As PSP’s Secretary General, Francis Yuen, has said, “the move to hike GST is Unnecessary, Untimely and Uncompassionate”. The Government has basically put up two arguments against the Opposition. First, while the Government do not deny that it has ample revenues, it has insisted much of the revenue are not to be used for this generation. Second, the GST is not regressive because the poor are compensated by GST vouchers, never mind the other Singaporeans including the sandwiched class who have to pay more.

In my speech during the Committee of Supply debate in February, I have stated that the sandwiched class would be paying $1.2B more as a result of the 2% GST hike, at a time when they are facing challenges with soaring inflation and escalating housing prices. The Government, however, did not confirm or deny that figure.

I don’t want to raise the same questions. The time is better spent telling a story to illustrate what is happening and let Singaporeans decide.

Many would remember the story about Ah Seng and his grandfather, Ah Gong told by former Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah. However, she did not complete her story. Today, I will share one more episode with all of you.

Sir, Mandarin please.

阿成与阿公的故事 - 续集


阿成结婚有了孩子后、自己家的开销迅速增加、但阿公还是一直要求阿成给他多一点家用。 阿公说他需要更多的钱,因为阿嬷要看病,还是祖屋要维修、总是有他的理由。 所以一直以来,阿成的负担很重,他没有多少现金储蓄。






Mr Speaker, thank you.

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