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PSP’s Wendy Low’s Budget Questions For GE2020 [Rice Media Feature]

Ms Wendy Low, 45, contested in Tanjong Pagar GRC with the Progress Singapore Party during the last election. She helms the party’s Women’s Wing and is also an intellectual property law partner at Eldan Law LLP.

Firstly, are there long term plans for developing our smaller small and medium-sized enterprises, especially as competition becomes increasingly borderless?

The two new initiatives appear to be assisting more of the larger local enterprises with investment overseas (under the Singapore Global Enterprises initiative) and talent mentorship (under the Singapore Global Executive Programme).

Next, can we consider increasing tax on higher-income earners over time instead of depending on GST hikes, which disproportionately impact the lower-income households? Avenues to be considered could include reinstating our estate duty tax or imposing a tax on shareholders’ dividends—like what other developed countries, such as Australia and United States, have done.

Finally, while we welcome extending the Workforce Income Supplement to workers aged 30 to 34, the new criteria of earning a minimum of S$500 per month can be daunting to those with disabilities or singles who have forfeited regular employment to provide long term care for their elderly parents. 

Can we consider dispensing away this monthly income criterion for these two groups to provide more sustained support?

The above is a short extract from the Rice Media article “What Budget Questions Would These Unelected Politicians from GE2020 Ask?”. Read the full article here: https://www.ricemedia.co/if-these-politicians-were-mps-what-would-they-ask-budget-debate/

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