PSP Labour Day Message

Labour Day is a day to commemorate the contribution of our workers and recognise their achievements.

Even as we emerge from the Covid pandemic, new challenges loom over the horizon.
Geopolitical tensions exacerbated by the war in Ukraine have adversely impacted global economic growth.
Together with rising inflation, our economic recovery will face headwinds, adversely affecting jobs and livelihoods.

This is the time when all untimely government increases in taxes, levies and charges should be held off to help mitigate and not aggravate any oncoming storm.

Ensuring a minimum living wage, and developing our workforce to stay productive and competitive become ever more critical. This is especially so in light of the new normal, in the last 2 years.

We have weathered many storms and are confident that our resilient workforce is able to adept and adjust to shifting economic scenarios.

May this Labour Day brings us new opportunities and a promising future. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!

Francis Yuen,
Secretary General

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