PSP Forum: The Past and Future of Singaporean Democracy

In the spirit of promoting continuous political education between elections, PSP invited historian and Managing Director of New Naratif, Dr. PJ Thum, to give a keynote speech at a fundraising forum. PSP leaders Francis Yuen and Leong Mun Wai introduced the evening with their thoughts on the recent General Election, at the event held at PSP Party HQ on 1 October 2020.

Close friends and supporters of PSP enjoyed Dr. Thum’s thought provoking reflections, in which he emphasised the importance for PSP to live its values for the next five years and beyond.

It was an intimate event with lively discussions from the audience, which included honourable guests such as Professor Paul Tambyah, NUS professor and Chairman of The Singapore Democratic Party. Thanks to the support of generous donors and passionate volunteers who worked hard to put the event together, we raised much needed donations to sustain the party.

The entire video for that evening can be viewed here.

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