18th January 2020

PSP appoints Leong Mun Wai as ASG and four more members into the CEC

The Progress Singapore Party ushered in 2020 with style on Friday 17th January 2020. We held a ticketed dinner event for our members, and their friends and families.  For this event, we hosted more than 500 of our members, along with the leaders of several other opposition parties.

Before dinner commenced, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Secretary General of PSP, took to the stage to thank everyone for their attendance. He recounted the challenges faced a year ago, when setting up the Progress Singapore Party. Acknowledgement and recognition were given to the 13 founding members of the CEC as they were invited to join him on stage.  He cited “They came together to start a party from scratch and soldiered on despite the many objections and discouraging remarks from others. Because they are men and women of courage – committed to build a better future for our children. They set the stage and are an example for others to follow. Because of them, many of you are here today.”

Doc then went on to announce that 5 new members were co-opted into the CEC. They are:

  • Mr Leong Mun Wai, 60
    An Overseas Merit Scholar, Mun Wai graduated as a top student from the prestigious Hitotsubashi University in Japan. He worked in GIC, Mitsubishi Bank, Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch HK. At the age of 41, Mun Wai was the Managing Director of OCBC Securities. He brings his managerial, organizational and financial competencies from his professional life to the party
  • Mr Francis Yuen, 70
    An SAF scholar who obtained First Class Honours in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from NUS. Francis also received a Commendation Gold Medal for outstanding services in the air force. He is a corporate chief who has managed large corporations locally and internationally.
  • Mr Andrew Ng, 53
    An Overseas Merit Scholar and an Oxford graduate, Andrew worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and played an important role in the policy, planning and analysis directorate. He also served as Country Officer for Indonesia during his employment at the MFA.
  • Mr Ong Seow Yong, 64
    Seow Yong is a well-known fund manager. He has worked in the banking and securities industry before rising up to serve in leadership positions as CEO and is also a Board Member of several SGX Public Listed companies.
  • Ms Chika Tan, 39
    Trained in Human Resourcing, Chika currently manages her family’s company in the marine industry. She brings with her the experience and knowledge of running a business successfully in the SME environment. Chika has been with PSP since the early days and played a crucial role in planning the party’s launch in August 2019.

With the injection of new members into the CEC, roles of some of the founding CEC members must also change. Anthony Lee, our current Assistant Secretary-General, for personal reasons, will relinquish his role to take care of his daughter. The Party gives its heartfelt thanks to Anthony for all that he has done. He remains a part of the CEC, and Mun Wai will step forward take on the role as Assistant Secretary-General.

Kanaga Singam, who has served with Dr Tan Cheng Bock since 1980 continues on despite his poor health. He has stepped down as Vice-Chairman. The CEC expressed their gratitude for Singam’s contribution, for the many late-night meetings necessary for strategizing and sharing his considerable experience with the team. Singam remains a part of the CEC. Michelle Lee is now the party’s new Vice-Chairman and has been participating in meetings with foreign dignitaries with Dr Tan Cheng Bock.


PSP is now managed by a team, it is not just a Tan Cheng Bock party. The CEC specifically thank all members who have worked tirelessly to plan and execute the Party’s many events including mass walkabouts, hawker centre visits, house-to-house visits and many more. Without the commitment and dedication from our hard-working members, PSP would not be where it is today.

For Country, For People!