Meet some of our members

Giving it all for ‘national service’

Brandon, 38

My name is Brandon and this year I am 38 years old.  Getting involved in any political party was never my intention because I have  to juggle my time with my 3 lovely young daughters and a hectic workload. But, thank God, I have a supportive and understanding wife.

Personally, I feel that our government lacks transparency. Our national reserve is the backbone of the country and as ‘stakeholders’ of Singapore; we should have the right to know in detail, how healthy it is. Ministers should spend more effort into creating policies that takes care of the different needs across societal groups. Not one policy fits all.

I saw light at the end of the tunnel when Dr Tan Cheng Bock formed the PSP. I was impressed yet very puzzled as to why he would want to risk his comfortable retirement and reputation to become an opposition member?

My dad and relatives had mentioned Dr Tan’s credentials during his days with the PAP repeatedly in my childhood.  And, so he is no stranger to me. His speech during the party launch really touched my heart and I am encouraged by the sacrifices he made, not for himself but for the country and people.

I have faith in Dr Tan and his party and deep in my heart I know I need to step up too. I have started my true ‘National Service’, how about you?


A need to care

Joyce, 54 years old

I was born in the year of Independence and I have a daughter who is currently in Singapore
Polytechnic. Over the years, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Human
Resources and in the later years as a Principal Consultant engaging professionals supporting MNC companies with their hiring needs.

I decided to embark on the journey with PSP as it stands for Transparency, Accountability and Independence. It resonates with me. I have seen the evolution of the times since the days of our founding fathers where caring for its citizens was a priority. Having said that, I am now seeing how things have changed to our disadvantage where governance and policies define us being pegged to the GDP!


A Strategic Move

Senior Management Consultant – Abas, 65 yrs old

I have many years of management experience in coaching, training, facilitating, and serving in various advisory roles. With my professional business acumen, I have helped maximise efficiency, turned around less-than-stellar operations and prepared companies for fast growth and profitability in their respective industries.

I have been a member of the Progress Singapore Party since July 2019. The call to join the party came naturally, as I was very concerned with the current direction of the country. I want to ensure my grandchildren have a bright future and I feel that PSP’s vision of a Compassionate Singapore and its inspiring slogan – For Country For People, resonated with me. The Party’s combined pillars of foundation of accountability, transparency and independence, is the best way to bring the country forward. A united Singapore, based on the principles of inclusivity and non-discrimination. A Singapore, where all citizens, regardless of race, religion, language, gender, place of origin or social economic status, are treated equally. with respect and given equal opportunities in all areas of work. This is the future that I want!





Role Model for her Grandchildren

Goh Mui Imm, 60s

Mui Imm started her career in trading, before moving on to the publishing industry where she spent over a decade supervising the logistics of travel guidebooks.

Since retiring in 2015, Mui Imm is now looking after her five-year-old granddaughter. As a dedicated grandmother and a mother to three daughters, it is her hope to see Singapore filled with strong and compassionate young women.

She joined the PSP to be a role model to her children and grandchildren, showing how change begins with yourself taking the first step forward. She believes that no country should be ruled by a single party alone, and that our Singapore government should be represented by multiple parties to better ensure the establishment of a fair political agenda.

She hopes for PSP to gain a foothold in Parliament, and be able to take progressive measures towards addressing issues such as healthcare costs and income inequality that have been otherwise left unattended to. Mui Imm hopes for PSP to be able to effect change and move towards building a more inclusive, compassionate and democratic Singapore.


Courage to change

Kala, 52 yrs old

Dr Tan touched the inner core of my soul when he touched on the importance of courage during the PSP launch on 3 Aug 2019. It is my belief that courage is our birth right.

Singapore is my home, and I am determined to take that step forward to regain the spirit of Singapore that I held dearly for decades before it was totally lost. I have reached a point that, when I have to say enough is enough as I have personally gone through hardships and watched many others going through them silently.

It’s time to self-assess the situation and take charge and to be in control of the situation instead of being helpless. As I ask myself, do I and my fellow Singaporeans have everything we need right now, in this moment to feel secure about our future for us and our family in our own country?

Matters like work-life-balance for mental wellbeing, sufficient income to have a comfortable lifestyle, sufficient cash in hand for retirement, affordable housing, a stress-free education system for our children. Jobs for every Singaporean, affordable pricing for transports etc. etc…

I am heartened that Dr Tan has stepped forward to guide us through this path for our country and our people with courage. My humblest thanks to Dr Tan and the dedicated courageous PSP team. I want to respond to the call to serve my country and people. And so, I have stepped forward with courage to collaborate with PSP and am ready and prepared to face the challenges. Every Singaporean, especially our children, deserves a better life in our own home.


No monopoly, competition rules

Student Eugene, 23 yrs old

Hello there! My name is Eugene. I am an old millennial who loves food, exercise and all things pretty. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems.

I know, you might be thinking, “Oh he’s just another tech geek.” I assure you, I am the complete opposite. I love the outdoors; from majestic mountains to the tranquil ocean, I love them all. I am also an adrenaline junkie.

I joined Progress Singapore Party because, I believe that competition keeps people in check. All humans are self-serving to a certain extent. The only way to ensure they are serving the people is when there is competition. An analogy to illustrate what I mean: When Apple was one of the the few players in the smartphone industry, they could charge exhorbitant prices for their products. But, after Huawei and a few others entered the marketplace, Apple was forced to slowly lower prices or risk losing market share.

This is the same in the political arena. When there is only one party in parliament, that party is able to do whatever it pleases. When there are multiple, they are forced to create really good and relevant policies to win over the electorate.

Another reason why I joined the PSP is because I feel that the government has become complacent after being in power for way too long. Important positions in different organisations are held by the spouses of ministers, resulting in a monopoly of power in Singapore. Such actions will result in dire consequences in the coming future.

Lastly, I chose PSP because I believe in Dr Tan Cheng Bock and his leadership capabilities. When I first met Dr Tan, I could see from his eyes, the energy and spirit of sincerity, humility and selflessness that radiates from his inner self.

At 79, Dr Tan is comfortable, has his own family and could have retired comfortably. However, he chose to sacrifice and step up for us Singaporeans. This is why we have to rally behind him, to ensure his sacrifice is well worth it.

To conclude, although there are many points I have left untouched, I hope that many more Singaporeans will be able have an open mind, to see and judge the political party that will serve them the best. Do not just vote for PAP because they have been there for a long time.