Lim Cher Hong

Lim Cher Hong

Assistant Treasurer

Cher Hong is a father to three boys. Since young, he has always understood the importance of hard work and humility.  He graduated from SIM-UOL as a Top Business Graduate. He holds an Online MBA from The University of the People. 

Currently, Cher Hong is a Chartered Financial Consultant and the Head of Financial Planning. He has vast experience in the banking and insurance industry. He used to work in the Silver Generation Office as a Programme Coordinator and Trainer. He is part of PSP’s West Coast-Pioneer Team for GE2020 where he contested in Pioneer SMC.  

Cher Hong is very active on the ground and leads the Otica Walk Group in Pioneer. He particularly enjoys engaging seniors and youth, and hopes to revive the “Gotong Royong” spirit in the community.  He envisions Singapore as a more compassionate and inclusive society.

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