Official Party Announcement on False allegations by Daniel Teo



PSP refutes the claim made by Daniel in the Straits Times report dated 3rd May 2020, and any insinuation that the party has ‘been infiltrated and funded by foreign sources’. The video content did not point to PSP having received foreign funding and we would like to state categorically that our Party’s funding is in compliance with the Political Donations Act.

Daniel has made this allegation before to certain members of the Central Executive Committee previously. However, no evidence was presented by him. Our internal investigations showed no such matters and his allegations were dismissed. We understand that some members of the Party who have been implicated in the video have made their own police reports and have sought legal counsel.

Should anyone wish to make potentially libellous allegations against any member of the party, proper evidence is required. The party does not react to hearsay or rumours. PSP stands by the previous statement given on Daniel’s involvement in the video and awaits further updates from the police on the pending investigations.

While the party embraces diversity there is no tolerance for saboteurs. Moving forward, the party will not hesitate to expel members that fall short of the Party rules of accountability.

This is in line with the party’s stance and long term goal in making Singapore a better place for all.

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