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The Progress Singapore Party is a party of Singaporeans for Singapore.

Francis Yuen Kin PengPSP strongly condemns such racist attitudes and behaviour. We thrive as a multi-racial society and stay united as one. Racism will tear our social fabric and cause great harm to the progress of Singapore.

– by Francis Yuen, PSP Secretary-General, ex-candidate for Chua Chu Kang GRC

Harish Pillay
We are aware of a recent video that is making its rounds where a Singaporean of Chinese ethnicity is seen insulting a Singaporean interracial couple and hurling abusive and racist remarks. As much as there have been comments on this being possibly staged, we are still heartened to see many commenters supporting the victims of such abusive remarks, which shows the zero-tolerance policy our country has towards all forms of racism.

The beauty and diversity of the human race is why we are able to thrive the way we do, facing challenges together, learning and growing. As Singaporeans, we’ve contributed to the richness of this place we all call home. When situations arise that suggest racist tendencies, we have to collectively, soundly and firmly reject them. These statements more often than not, come from positions of ignorance and misinformation. We need to maintain eternal vigilance against racism by constantly having conversations around topics of ethnicity, so that we can move forward and succeed.
by Harish Pillay, PSP Head of IT & CEC Member,
ex-candidate for Tanjong Pagar GRC
The Progress Singapore Party is a party of Singaporeans for Singapore.

We stand with each and every Singaporean to be able to live a fulfilling life in peace and happiness. We do not tolerate any behaviour that sours human relationships and togetherness in this country, including judging anyone by their ethnicity. We will work towards a compassionate and united Singapore as embodied in our pledge “regardless of race, language or religion; to build a democratic society based on justice and equality; so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation”.

To this end, we urge the Government to be more inclusive of minority views, because it is by active citizen engagement that we can do well together.

For Country For People.

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