At the Progress Singapore Party’s National Day Dinner on Sunday (Aug 25), Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock urged party members to give every ounce of their strength to make the “impossible dream” possible.

That “impossible dream” – winning a Group Representation Constituency in the coming General Election.

And this, Dr Tan said, can only be achieved if more good men and women put aside their fear and step forward to serve the nation.

“You have that moral duty to ensure that your children don’t experience the kind of fear that you are experiencing now. It’s your duty to change that. And if you’re not prepared to change that, then I’m sorry for Singapore.”

Over 400 people packed the Concorde Hotel to attend the PSP’s first-ever National Day Dinner.

PSP member Jeffrey Khoo set the stage with his opening performance, belting out an emotional performance of “The Impossible Dream” – a nod to the old-time classic theatre play, “I, Don Quixote”.

Referencing the song, Dr Tan issued a battle cry in his speech, urging members of the PSP family to show courage, take the hard knocks in their stride, and strive to do what is right for Singapore.

A sumptuous buffet spread was accompanied by more light-hearted performances – including a skit by young PSP members and a hearty rendition of “I Will Survive” by the party’s “karaoke veteran” Khoo Boo Keong.

New PSP members such as chartered accountant Lu Kee Hong also took to the stage to share what drove them to serve.


And to cap the evening – a gala performance by Dr Tan’s ukulele band.

This is the band’s performance of the popular Hokkien song “Ai Pia Cia Eh Yia” (To Win, You Need to Fight) featuring members of the Johor-Singapore Taxi Association who were dinner guests for the evening.

The PSP’s National Day Dinner comes close to a month after the Party’s official launch held on 3 August 2019.

Since then, the PSP family has grown to over 500 members.

The Party’s vision is to build a United Singapore, Progressing with Compassion, and to improve Accountability, Transparency and Independence in the government.


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