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The Palm Re-Launched

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, The Palm, PSP’s public Newsletter is

NCMP Leong Mun Wai’s maiden speech in Parliament (Chinese Version)

[梁文辉在9月1日国会演讲的主要内容] 1. 我很高興为当前的两个最紧迫的议题,移民和就業,發表意见。 2. 新加坡人普遍认为目前的社会经济政策对他们不公平,因此求变之情绪日益高涨。 3. 他们特别焦虑的是: • 在过去的二十年中,为什么 新加坡人越来越难找到好的工作,而外来劳动人口(外劳人口) 却在快速增长? 这是否意味着雇主 对求职的新加坡人 存在歧视? •

We must Protect our Core

We must keep our Singapore core employed as it is not only a short-term necessity but a long-term imperative, so as not to have our key skills hollowed out.

Closing Ranks, Staying United

Let’s have better debate on creating better opportunities for our citizens without casting insinuations and aspersions on the intent of the debate.

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