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Dr Tan Cheng Bock

Building Trust and Confidence

It is time for medical professionals and health scientists to build bridges and come together in this time of crisis. In order to allow the best ideas to prevail, uphold the dignity of the medical calling and help the country address this national crisis, a top down approach is not the most helpful in dispelling questions. But with open, respectful discussions, we can – together, build trust and confidence for the way ahead.

Francis Yuen Kin Peng

Shouldn’t Sinovac be part of the National Program?

WHO’s approval of Sinovac for emergency use is good news. This gives the added boost of speeding up the vaccination program that is one of the pillars in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. If there are compelling reasons to offer Sinovac through private healthcare institutions instead of under the national program, then people should be given the relevant information to quickly make informed decisions.

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