GE2020 Manifesto by Progress Singapore Party : For Country For People

GE2020 Manifesto by Progress Singapore Party : For Country For People

The manifesto is the culmination of months of research and consultations with the public on what are the main issues concerning Singaporeans. Singapore has become a very expensive city and often is in the top five most expensive city lists in the world in the last five years.

With stagnant wages, a lacklustre economy and the emergence of COVID-19 as a health and economic threat, Singapore faces formidable challenges ahead in the next decade or so. Some industries like travel, aviation, tourism, hotels and F&B have been hard hit resulting in significant job losses to the tune of 100k to 200k in the last three months alone.

Singapore’s economy is forecasted to contract between 4% – 7% in 2020 and puts massive downward pressure on demand for many goods and services.

However, the government’s response so far seems to be a patchwork of policy tweaks without addressing the fundamental factors affecting Singaporeans.

Large segments of the population are at risk of falling through the cracks and we need to support them with more compassion to ensure that they get back on their feet.

With 100,000 jobs displaced, the National Jobs Council’s response has been subject to much scrutiny and debate. There is uncertainty over the future direction of the country.

Rehashing past policies is definitely not the way to go. We need to have a paradigm shift and look for workable alternative solutions going forward.

Progress Singapore Party’s manifesto offers a better alternative to the current problems that we are facing as a nation.

The manifesto is divided into three broad segments of Economic development, Social development and political development. Each topic in turn looks at how we can build an alternative vision for Singapore.

Progress Singapore Party’s 2020 Manifesto is now available for public viewing (available in 4 languages) after its official release at a Press Conference today morning. Please click the link below to access it:

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