Fix a Broken System Not the Opposition

The announcement by MOM on implementing a point system to decide on granting Employment Passes (EP) is a welcome move. We are pleased that PSP’s call for a healthy balance between foreign talent and our local core is finally acknowledged. The current system of using a ‘minimum salary level’ as a deciding factor is grossly inadequate. Raising the level of requirement is not the answer. And the proposed minor adjustment to the minimum level is unlikely to achieve the purpose of striking a healthy balance between local versus foreign PMETs. Other criteria should be included to make the system of granting EPs more robust.

MOM’s move is a step in the right direction but the Ministry should take a step further to revamp the S Pass (SP) scheme as well. We are glad that the ruling party hears PSP and acknowledges that they should ‘fix the system and NOT the Opposition.’

To reiterate, nobody is stoking anti-foreign sentiments. We welcome foreign PMET talents who can contribute to our economic development and growth. But they must be the right talent that can complement, supplement and serve as a catalyst for our local PMET core to learn and cross-fertilize ideas. It is about maintaining a healthy balance and not taking extremes. Foreign talents are needed; so is the greater need to build a strong local core.

As long as we recognize that systems and policies that do not work or have outlived their usefulness, and should be fixed, our country will be better off.

Fixing problems is the key… not fixing the Opposition!

Singaporeans deserve better!

Francis Yuen
Secretary General, PSP

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