PSP Talks Speaker Series #1: Poverty in Singapore and policy gaps in our social safety nets

The Progress Singapore Party’s inaugural PSP TALKS venue has to be changed due to the need to find a bigger and more comfortable venue arising from the sell out demand to attend the talk and the constraints of the original event space.

The time and date of the talk remain unchanged.

Sorry, tickets for this talk are still sold out. But not to worry, there will be a live-streaming of the talk.

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About the Event

In this talk we join the important national conversation on social inequality and poverty which remain a great challenge for both our society and Government.

Singaporean’s are deeply concerned about the problems of poverty and inequality and would like to see a more just and equal society.

The talk will cover the surprising problem of absolute poverty in Singapore, where many citizens do not even have enough to meet their basic needs.

It will outline the size of the absolute poor, the causes of such poverty in our rich country and the policy measures that still need to be put in place to eradicate the scourge of this unfortunate social problem.

While many schemes have been introduced to help the poor and bridge the social divide, our social safety net still does not appear to be adequate in meeting the challenges many citizens face.

About the Speaker

Yeoh Lam Keong is a prominent Singapore economist who has been heavily involved in public policy formulation and research.

He served in the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) for over 25 years, during which he was appointed Chief Economist and Director of Economics and Strategy.

Yeoh has been an advisor or fellow to a number of research institutes like the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore Centre for Applied Policy Economics, and the National University of Singapore.

He is presently a Board Member of Arohi Emerging Asia Fund, Bamboo Capital Management, Nuvest Real Return Fund, Conservation International Singapore / Asia Pacific.

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