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We know that what we do now will determine the PSP's success in the General Election. Help impact the future of Singapore. It starts with a small donation. All funds received will be used for outreach programmes, media awareness and policy research. Thank you!

Step 1: Fill up the donation form

You will be asked to provide your personal particulars for verification as, by law, only Singaporeans can donate to Singapore-based political organisations.

The information submitted will be kept internally unless the amount donated exceeds $10,000. Donor records for large donations of $10,000 or cumulative donations in a calendar year exceeding $10,000 will be submitted to the Department of Political Donation on an annual basis.

Step 2: Pledge your donation

After you have updated your particulars, you can mail in your cheque or donate directly using PayNow. A PayNow QR code will be given to you for direct online payment. Scan that and pledge your donation. Please note the reference number of the transaction.

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