Leong Mun Wai

Budget Process and Accounts

Mr Chairman, I have questions for the Minister of Finance. 

Firstly, the termination payment for the Sports Hub was advanced from the Contingencies Fund and this House is now being asked to vote on replacing the amount in a Supplementary Supply Bill.  How much is this termination payment?

The Contingencies Fund was created for urgent and unforeseen expenditure. Was the termination payment for the Sports Hub so urgent that it had to be advanced from the Contingencies Fund and not paid out of Budget 2023?

Secondly, where and when will the $900 million for SPH Media Trust be accounted for?

Third, are there financial projections available to determine the amount of transfer to the Endowment and Trust Funds? And is the actual spending from the Funds included in the budget in the year when the spending is made?  

Fourth, when will the financial report on the $72 billion Covid-19 expenditure be completed?

Fifth, based on what is given in the Budget, can the Minister confirm what are the total financial assets as of 31 March 2022? And what is the Net Investment Return estimated for FY2023?

Thank you.

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