A Message from Doc. Tan Cheng Bock to all Singaporeans – Let’s wear Masks

Let’s wear masks


Since PM’s announcement on Friday, many Singaporeans are scrambling to do last minute work preparations visiting workplaces and shopping centers before the closure of schools and non-essential businesses on Wednesday.

The Government also said they will not discourage the wearing of masks.

As a doctor, I would go one step further to encourage, and even insist that everyone should wear a mask when you leave home.

You will be protecting neighbours, colleagues and people around you if you cough and sneeze or if you are an asymptomatic carrier. There is nothing to lose in wearing masks. The number of unlinked local infection cases and new clusters is rising. You will also minimise the risk of catching the virus if a carrier is close to you. The risks are real. CNA reported that on 4 April 2020, there were 75 new cases and 4 new clusters.

So wear a mask when you go out. It is a simple but considerate act that protects those next to us. Let’s not look for reasons not to wear a mask in public.

However, don’t let wearing masks make us complacent. We still need to practice good hygiene habits of hand washing and not touching your face. And most of all, we should Stay At Home. This is the best way to protect yourself.

Remember, you can play your part to stop virus transmission.

I include some of the latest research on the protection that masks provide.







如果你咳嗽,打喷嚏或者你是个无症状感染者,你戴口罩就是在保护你的邻居,同事和你身边的人。戴口罩有益无害。本地无关联病例和新感染群正在增加中。戴口罩也能减低你被附近的感染者传染的风险。受感染的风险是真实的,亚洲新闻台在4月1日2020的报道中提到, 本地又增加75例冠状病毒确诊病例,以及四个新感染群。






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