A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Last Sunday, members and volunteers of PSP took their first step of walking the ground on PSP’s inaugural walkabout. We have so little time to campaign before the election dates are announced. We, therefore, hit the ground running by covering all four corners of Singapore, covering all 29 electoral constituencies.

We walked 29 electoral constituencies last Sunday, the 29th September 2019. As a party, we greeted residents across the island, and this would not have been possible without the time and efforts of our dedicated party members and volunteers. “I would like to thank these brave men and women for their hard work.” ~ Dr Tan Cheng Bock

We named this event: “29 on 29”. Our target was to hit 29 constituencies on the 29th of September. And our planning committee of 10 executed it well.

PSP’s inaugural walkabout was a great start and we received positive media coverage in both print and digital, and several positive mentions on social media.

“Besides getting to know the ground and having the ground know us, another main objective was to get the voters familiar with the party symbol and therefore, we created a flyer with a cutout of the palm leaves at the top,” said Michelle Lee, who is part of the party’s Media & Communications team. “Many people only know of Dr Tan Cheng Bock at the moment, so once they saw his photo on the flyer, they would smile and give us a thumbs up.” Our flyer also carried a QR code to a survey we are conducting so that we hear what are the main concerns of Singaporeans and their families. You can have your say here.

We visited hawker centres in the heartlands and met many residents having breakfast with their families on Sunday. The reception to PSP’s inaugural walkabout was warm and our fellow members took photos with the public, forging a positive image for our party. We also distributed tissue packets with our party logo which always comes in handy for our residents.

At Mountbatten, Team PSP met runners who had just completed a 10km marathon earlier in the morning. The runners wished Team PSP well and encouraged our members to keep themselves fit for the upcoming election period. At Hougang, residents smiled and waved to Team PSP, passing along a message for PSP to work hard together with the Worker’s Party. At Jurong West, Team PSP met many residents who had sought medical treatments from Ama Keng Clinic at one time or another. When Team PSP walked the market at Teck Ghee, we met a number of residents who mistook the PSP logo as the icon for Pioneer Generation. Well, Team PSP certainly took the opportunity to introduce the party’s logo and the 5 values depicted by the fronds – Democracy, Justice, Equality, Peace, and Progress.

We do not have much time left before the election dates are announced. We need to continue our work on the ground, and we need to keep the momentum going. We want to carry our PSP spirit and message of hope to every corner of Singapore so that all Singaporeans can share in our vision to “Progress with Compassion”! We hope every Singaporean will realise the importance of their choice and the role they play in building a better Singapore.

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For Country, For People!