April 2022

Ramadan Mubarak

This is the holiest month on the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast daily from dawn to dusk. It is a time of spritual discipline and renewing relationship with God. Observing Ramadan is considered one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Buka Puasa is an annual event during which PSP celebrates with our Muslim members and …

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Hazel Poa Koon Koon

Usage of Glue Traps to Trap and Remove Rodents

This was a written Parliamentary Question sent to Parliament by Ms Hazel Poa on 4th April 2022.

Answer from MSE:
When used responsibly and safely, glue traps are an effective tool for trapping and removing rodents. To minimise the risk of non-target animals being trapped by glue traps, the National Parks Board (NParks), in consultation with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA), had issued guidelines to PCOs on the responsible use of glue traps.

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