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Our Campaign

For Country
For People

We envision a united Singapore, based on the principles of inclusivity and non-discrimination.

For Country
For People

We envision a united Singapore, based on the principles of inclusivity and non-discrimination.

Our Vision

Progress with compassion,
a united Singapore.

We envision a compassionate Singapore, committed to reducing income inequality.

We envision a progressive Singapore which values diverse opinions and ideas.


What we stand for

We want to build a compassionate and truly democratic Singapore where good values and people matter. Freedom of choice and free speech without fear must be defended.

We hope to be given the opportunity for Progress Singapore Party to be an alternative voice in parliament. In due course, as the party and candidates mature, we intend to be ready to govern the nation. In the meantime, we will work with those who share our political beliefs of country first – before either party or self.

Latest News

Dr Tan on FICA

Foreign Interference Countermeasures Act

Hello everyone, I am Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Chairman of Progress Singapore Party. I would like to spend a moment to share with you our serious concerns about a bill that will be tabled for second reading and likely passed as law in Parliament soon. This is the Foreign Interference Counter measures Act or FICA.

Leong Mun Wai

Protecting our Singaporean core

Justice is in the heart of the People – I come to this House to respond to a challenge by Minister Shanmugam to debate on CECA. He has been puzzling me because it was in reference to his remarks made on a racial incident, which has nothing to do with CECA.

Jobs and Livelihoods Debate - Francis Yuen Statement

Jobs and Livelihoods Debate

In GE2020, PSP’s election manifesto had a component called “Jobs for Singaporeans”. It consists of job priority for Singaporeans, the introduction of a quota for Employment Pass and a lower quota for S Pass.

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